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About Us

The word Exora means the ability to persuade – and indeed this is at the core of what we do. Our work centres on our ability to persuade the healthcare community to do things differently in order to meet the changing needs of our society today.


Standards of excellence and responsibility to patients are the pillars upon which we build to ensure we are able to meet the healthcare challenges in the UK today.

Our Principles  - Responsibility, Difference, Excellence



Responsibility in Action underpins our approach to quality. We also think about responsibility having a second dimension – our responsibility to the community in which we operate.


To assure ourselves of the quality of every interaction professionals and patients have with Exora we commit to:


1) Source the right people


2) Regular varied communication with all stakeholders


3) Planned & unplanned audits with transparent results


Our minimum standards are full compliance with all CQC standards and take input from the regulator seriously.


At Exora we also take seriously our responsibility to the community at large. We believe strongly that organisations driven solely by the bottom line are missing something and to this end Exora will invest in ways that other organisations would not. 


Difference in Delivery is the third of our three values at Exora and this ensures we are innovating in all that we do.



Exora has a history which in some ways is short however in other ways is very long. As a brand it has existed for 5 years however as a concept it has existed for far longer.



The word Exora means the ability to persuade and this is where Exora is able to set itself apart from others. At this time in the UK, Healthcare is undergoing significant internal transformation and it is only through innovation and partnership working that our national health services will be able to continue to achieve good patient outcomes.



Exora is positioning itself at the heart of these conversations through challenging the norm, persuading decision-makers to think differently, and demonstrating success in it’s daily activities.


Excellence in Service defines our approach to patient experience.



Every patient is different and will have an experience that is suitable and appropriate for them. We endeavour to meet the individual needs of each patient we work with, and that every patient is able to describe their experience as ‘Excellent’ – whatever excellence means to them.



The minimum that patients should expect:


  • Care appropriate to their needs

  • Full information at all times

  • Comfort throughout the journey

  • Safety will be prioritised throughout



If you would like to feedback on any of the above, or on your experience with Exora please do not hesitate to contact us

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